Thursday, January 1, 2015

How to Draw an Easy Penguin

Happy new year everyone!

Starting off 2015 with a tutorial.

First, draw a curved line as if you're writing an upside-down U or a horseshoe,

Connect the two ends with a horizontal straight line.

On the top 1/3 of the shape you've just created, draw two curved lines that look like a very chubby curvy 'm'.

Draw two less-curved lines from the ends of the 'm' towards the bottom horizontal line.

We have the body now. Just draw two (kind of) bad shaped lines as the penguin's feet.

The flaps on the sides.

His hair.

Two little eyes.

A triangle as his beak.

Time to fineline!

Tip: To get a nice, sharp, print-like drawing, it's really helpful to use a fineliner to recreate all the lines and details you've done with your pencil, and then erase any pencil traces left once the fineliner is dried.

Color the body.

Also the feet and the beak.


Play around and create characters!

I hope my tutorial was helpful, and I wish the world a very lovely 2015!



(January 2nd, 2015)

My boyfriend has given this tutorial a go!!

How adorable? ♥

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