Friday, January 30, 2015

Free Printable Calendar Wallpaper | February

I've decided to make FREE desktop, iPhone, and iPad  digital HQ calendar wallpapers EVERY MONTH for you to download! I'll pick the highlight event of every month (or mix several, if there are significant ones) and design a wallpaper monthly. Read the rules on how you can download the wallpapers down below.

To download the freebies, you need to:
1. Be a member of my blog. To do so, you must click Join this site, or use the button on the right hand column beside the blog posts (under th "Hello!" section).

2. Comment on this post telling me you are a member now and type in your email address so I can send you the password to the RAR file.

NOTE: If you don't wish to publish your email address here, after posting your comment, you can email me at n, so I can send you the password directly from there.  


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh why haven't I seen this earlier? It's already almost mid Feb! I'll send you and email, and thanks for the lovely freebie! :)