Monday, December 29, 2014

♥ again!

Disclaimer: You'll scroll down for ages! This is another super long post! Maybe I'll just do these kinds of posts in two parts, from now on, in order to prevent them from getting boring. You'll have to bear with this one for now.

These pictures are from 2011. I'd drawn them for my other half, and then I turned the whole pack  (plus a few other ones I forgot to take pictures of back then) into a small purple booklet for him for Valentine's Day. They're all about simple little things I dreamed us to be able to do together!

SNOW and us! I. can't. even.!! ♥ 

We both love photography! I don't have a flash like that on my camera, though! My camera isn't even pink or his blue, either! Okay, I was only 24 back then, and some of these (or maybe all of them) might seem childish now, but hey it all came from my heart and soul... The only person who knows the amount of love and emotion I'd attached to these has got to be my very own self... :)

We haven't been to the beach together yet, but it's one of the places I really really wish us to go! Major sea-shell freak right here!

Ha, these were meant to be our imaginary Halloween costumes! Me as a tomato, and him as a bar of chocolate! :)

Blowing bubbles, floating on ginormous ones!

"When I dream at night"...

This one is a re-draw of the original one in the booklet. Isn't this frame just cute with that magnet heart to hold the picture?

And this is actually just an Instagram post from Valentine's, 2013.

Wishing you (whoever you are reading this) lots of love in your life, because love is all you need! :)


Friday, December 26, 2014

Well, to be honest, it kept me thinking for a while what I would write about these doodles of mine (except for the last picture which is of two origami milk cartons I made this summer). However, nothing hit my mind! After all, they're all about love; and I know no word to define / describe it!

I hope you enjoy your holidays wherever in the world you are! :)


Monday, December 22, 2014


We Persians celebrate winter solstice (which was last night) or Yalda, as we call it (which means the longest and darkest night of the year), with family get-togethers every year. It's been a tradition for centuries, and it's such a lovely night. Traditionally, we read poems from Divan-e-Hafez we have some certain fruits/snacks on Yalda such as pomegranates, cotton candy, watermelon, nuts, and sweets. Other optional snacks and fruits are served too.

This is how I set our table for the night.

Some details.

Strawberry snowmen! Cute, right? You can use whipped cream or yogurt. Super easy to make.

I love love love Yalda so much, and get excited for it every year. I painted my nails like this as a result.

Last but not least, I would like to quote Wikipedia to end this post with some more description of Yalda:

In Zoroastrian tradition the longest and darkest night of the year was a particularly inauspicious day, and the practices of what is now known as "Shab-e Chelleh/Yalda" were originally customs intended to protect people from evil (dews) during that long night. People were advised to stay awake most of the night, lest misfortune should befall them, and people would then gather in the safety of groups of friends and relatives, share the last remaining fruits from the summer, and find ways to pass the long night together in good company. The next day (i.e. the first day of Dae month) was then a day of celebration, and (at least in the 10th century, as recorded by Al-Biruni), the festival of the first day of Dae month was known as Ḵorram-ruz (joyful day) or Navad-ruz (ninety days [left to Nowruz]). Although the religious significance of the long dark night have been lost, the old traditions of staying up late in the company of friends and family have been retained in Iranian culture to the present day. 

Goodbye autumn 1393/2014, hello winter! :) 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Fun

Winter is such a lovely time of the year, and since it's officially beginning on Monday, I thought I'd share some of my favorite winter pictures of previous years.

I was waiting for the bus to go to work on a winter day last year grinning ear to ear cuz of the awesome snowy weather taking pictures all along, when suddenly I noticed these gorgeous snowflakes on my gloves WITH MY NAKED EYES! It was the first time I was witnessing the beauty of snowflake geometry by myself! And I managed to press that snap button repeatedly praying I could get them on camera right before the bus would come, and these pictures happened (just the iPhone camera, no Olloclip or such sort of gear used)! ♥

My mittens now, and the gloves I used to wear when I was very little.

Snow and pine trees; my favorite combination!

Danbo and Santa. Danbo's hat, scarf, and mittens knitted by yours truly.

Teeny tiny snowman I made last year! :)

Magic skater snowman!

Origami winter attire.

How cute are these gingerbread Christmas ornaments? They're actually pottery and were a birthday present from a lovely friend of mine. Love them so much!

I have doodles all over my handouts from school! Could never help it! Ha ha!

Let this winter be a magical one with lots of snow and happiness for everyone!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

An Origami FairyTale

Once upon a time, there was a Princess who had been captured by the Mean Dragon and trapped in his territory. 
The only thing that could still make the poor sad Princess smile was the beautiful lotus around the shore of the lake. So the Princess went to visit the lotus everyday and tried to forget her pain for a few minutes.

On a beautiful sunny spring day, a Prince, who was such a brave explorer, happened to pass by the lake. The moment his eyes met our very own beautiful Princess, he knew he had to go and talk to her. 

And so he did! There were sweet smiles all over their faces. Aww!

Whether you believe in love at first sight or not, it happened to the Princess and the Prince. The Princess was so happy after all the miserable time she had spent in captivity.

But she was so distracted by Prince charming that she had completely forgot about the Mean Dragon's daily check up on her! Uh-oh!

When the Mean Dragon came to see the princess, he was not at all pleased with what was before him! He got so furious that nothing could stop him now.

The brave Prince tried to confront the Mean Dragon so courageously, but the Dragon's power was way beyond his!

It being so, the Mean Dragon knocked the Prince out, and when he did, everything went black for the Prince... The Dragon took the Princess with a thousand million tear drops rolling down her cheeks and flew away.

When the Prince came to his senses, he was near the lake, all by himself, with such dizziness. He suddenly remembered everything and his heart was in so much pain. He decided to go find the Princess, but there was neither a sign of her nor of the Dragon.

The beautiful sunny spring day had turned into a gloomy afternoon now, and the Prince was wandering around, hoping to find a way to the Princess.

He kept wandering and wandering. He saw joyful couples on his way, and the sight of them made him miss his Princess more.

On his way, the Prince came across the woods; there he saw two little elves.

When the elves saw him, they noticed his sad face and asked him what had caused such great pain.

The prince, whose soul couldn't be wearier, became a tell-tale heart and told the elves the whole story. The elves said they thought they knew a way to get the Prince out of his misery. So they called out their Dove of Peace. 

The three of them got on board, and off they flew to the Master of the elves.

The Prince had never been into the clouds or through the sky. When he looked down, he was amazed by how little everything looked. Even the lake was like a very little puddle from up there! Wait a minute! Was that red spot, the very Mean Dragon he could see? Yes, it was him! So that's where he had taken the Princess! To the other side of the lake!

The Master of the elves was the guardian of the Magic Well of Wishes.

When the elves and the Prince arrived at the Magic Well, the elves told their Master everything. 

The Master said that the only way was a wish made by the Prince to the Magic Well of Wishes.

The Prince made his wish with all his heart and all his might and I'm sure you know what his wish was.

And the Magic Well gave him a Unicorn! The Prince couldn't believe his eyes! The Master told him that the only way to beat the Mean Dragon was the power of true love. The power of true love would lead the Unicorn to the Dragon to defeat him.

The Prince thanked the Master and the elves, and got on the Unicorn. And they both disappeared in a blink of an eye.

The Unicorn was running as fast as the thunder.

The Prince arrived at the other side of the lake, and there she was, crying. She looked so beautiful! And the Dragon was there too, of course.

The Prince and the Unicorn didn't waste a single moment for the power of true love flowing by the Prince was invincible! The Unicorn stabbed the Mean Dragon, and he was defeated!

Once the Dragon was knocked down, LOVE bloomed! 

The Prince took the Princess in his arms and that moment was to be cherished till eternity.

The Master, the elves, and of course, the Unicorn were their guests of honor at their wedding.

And they lived happily ever after! :)