Sunday, February 1, 2015

Yummy Origami

I decided to put together pictures of all origami pieces I've made so far that have to do with food in one blog post. So here they are.

I'll film a video on how to make these strawberries soon as I get some time.

Milk cartons! These two are my personal favorites.

Candy gift boxes 

Just a simple paper cupcake case, and lucky stars. I came up with this idea two summers ago.

Lucky heart cupcake. I'll make a video tutorial on these hearts sometime soon, too.

Veggies! A mushroom, an eggplant, a carrot, a yellow pepper, a radish, and a tomato. These used to make our fridge look cute for about two years, but we got bored and they've been replaced with other decorations now.

Candy boxes! I love these so much!

The pictures above are all Instagram ones taken by an iPhone, so please excuse the not-so-good quality.

P. S. Don't forget to download your free February wallpaper here. I'll be doing monthly (or maybe more) freebies from now on.

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Wow! You're so awesome!!!