Monday, October 5, 2015

Digital Scrabbling | Happy October

Hey guys!

So I got so thrilled when I saw the new Paper app for iPhone couple of weeks ago on the App Store! It was the editors' choice and you know your business when an app gets featured this way! I downloaded it, and instantly fell in love. My dad also got me a Bamboo stylus and I haven't touched real paper and pencil ever since! Ha ha! I keep drawing using this app and I love it more each time!  

This one was my first go. Not too bad. Also, I am obsessed with the new earrings I've got and I'm definitely going to post an exclusive blog post on them. The umbrella ones you see in this picture are just so tiny and detailed and adorable! Ugh!

Ballerina fairy sisters! I personally love the red one more!

BECAUSE IT IS FALL! I cannot believe how your favorite things change as you grow up! I used to have massive love for summer and hate for autumn until 3 years ago. Then things started to change and autumn kept making me sad and blue up until last year when I started to see fall a different way. I think I had only looked but not really SEEN the beauty of fall till then. And now, boom! I love fall! I love the coziness, the colors, the mood, EVERYTHING! :)

I am such a Disney person and had to give one of the princesses a shot. I picked Ariel because I just love how she never gave up on her love and on Eric, plus she's one of the princesses I've never drawn before.

I drew this one last night and I'm quite happy how it turned out. I think these would look better if I did them on an iPad i.e. if I had one! Ha ha!

Why yes of course a cupcake would be involved! There will always be cupcakes in my life as long as I live - real ones, illustrated ones or maybe both.