Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Magic Jars

What lovelier thing can happen to a cute empty little glass jar than transforming it into a beauty? I enjoy doing it so much, and here's my collection.

This one's my oldest.

And it makes a beautiful charm too!

That gorgeous thing inside is a button from a beautiful purple suit my mom had sewed for herself when I was 5 or 6! :)

Ah sea and seashells, how I love you! 

This one's very special, and was gifted to my love for he loves blue! ♥

I kind of like to think this green marble represents a green Earth, and the jar a beautiful green world that was gifted to us! :)

How enchanting are butterflies?

The jungle in a jar. Mommy elephant and her baby enjoying peace.

Lemon cupcake! Yum yum! Cupcakes are so darling! (Lemon slices made out of hot glue.)

The North Pole in a jar. Penguins are so cute! (These penguins were a part of a series of animal statues, which aalso includes the elephants above, my parents had bought on their honeymoon! ♥ We still have them all!)

My origami books in a milk bottle. I'll do a post on my origami books/collection soon!

SNOW!!! I cannot put in words how I adore snow... I would like to imagine I am a pale ice-blue snowflake! I was born in winter and I'm really happy I was. :)

I made the snowman out of hotglue btw.

The snowflake's a kirigami on which I've sprinkled some icy eyeshadow! I've actually always used this eyeshadow as glitter for crafting! Ha ha!


Cupcakes, cupcakes, pink cupcakes! Gotta love them dearly. This cupcake is made of hotglue too.

Love in Paris! What's more romantic? I'd say everything that's going on in my heart is! :D

I hope you've enjoyed my glass jar collection. Sorry for the super long post!



pouyakhf said...

Those little bottles are really cute!
You yourself is so cute!
Keep it up!!

Noushin said...

Thanks a lot dadashie golam <3 <3 <3