Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Fun

Winter is such a lovely time of the year, and since it's officially beginning on Monday, I thought I'd share some of my favorite winter pictures of previous years.

I was waiting for the bus to go to work on a winter day last year grinning ear to ear cuz of the awesome snowy weather taking pictures all along, when suddenly I noticed these gorgeous snowflakes on my gloves WITH MY NAKED EYES! It was the first time I was witnessing the beauty of snowflake geometry by myself! And I managed to press that snap button repeatedly praying I could get them on camera right before the bus would come, and these pictures happened (just the iPhone camera, no Olloclip or such sort of gear used)! ♥

My mittens now, and the gloves I used to wear when I was very little.

Snow and pine trees; my favorite combination!

Danbo and Santa. Danbo's hat, scarf, and mittens knitted by yours truly.

Teeny tiny snowman I made last year! :)

Magic skater snowman!

Origami winter attire.

How cute are these gingerbread Christmas ornaments? They're actually pottery and were a birthday present from a lovely friend of mine. Love them so much!

I have doodles all over my handouts from school! Could never help it! Ha ha!

Let this winter be a magical one with lots of snow and happiness for everyone!


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