Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tiny Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul

Let's talk beauty today!

I bought these last week, and I was surprised by how well they turned out to be considering their prices!

This hair mask / conditioner is really amazing. If you're struggling with really knotty damaged hair, you have definitely gotta go for a hair mask that contains olive extract or olive oil. I was really impressed using it for the first time. My hair feels really smooth now.

Oh and wooden combs are really much better than plastic ones!

I bought these lip balms in peach and vanilla. I'm really happy with them and the way they make my lips so soft. They smell really nice too. And I don't think I need to say how I love tin packaging! Anything from candy to hand-cream in tin looks cute to me.

I couldn't get the flower shape of this brush on camera, unfortunately; but it looks so pretty in real life. It's super soft too, and the hair doesn't come off! Bonus!

Aren't these little brushes so cute and handy with the cap to keep them from dust and dirt?

Don't ever live without a spoolie brush! They're a MUST for the eyebrows!

Last but not least, these brushes apply eye-shadow way nicer than the applicators that come inside the eye-shadow packaging. Those (usually sponge) applicators are such makeup ruiners! Ugh!

I hope you enjoyed my little haul. Stay beautiful! :)


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