Sunday, January 4, 2015

Faces Everywhere | Part II☺

Mulberry sisters, singing nursery rhymes!

No easy business babysitting these two little messers! Poor greengage!

These guys are so organized and tidy! Everything is in alphabetical order in ordinally numbered shelves and drawers in the Thread household!

"Does it hurt so bad when they chop us up for the pizza, mommy?", said the baby mushroom.

Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter-Pencil.

They always make sure their little baby girl is completely SAFE!

Like father, like son.

Watching the sun together. Cuties!

Glit and glam and that sorta thing totally defines this couple.

My personal favorite, ice-cream love!



Magdalena Kosecka said...

"Safety-pins" family is the best!

Noushin K said...

Thanks! :D