Friday, January 23, 2015

Fairytale Update

Do you remember my Origami Fairytale? Well, here's an update! In paper years, the Princess and the Prince have been married for two years and a half now, and guess what? THEY'VE JUST HAD A BABY!

Aren't these baby shoes adorable? Such gender spoiler pictures, I know!

Of course it's a girl!

A cute chubby baby girl! :)



Weronika D said...

OMG this is so cute, did you made it ? (sorry I am new :D)
If you did I wish i could be this talented :) I always wanted to learn to do origami but I have no talent to it :)

Noushin K said...

Aww, thank you! :)
Yes, I made these.
Oh don't say that! I'm sure you do have talent to make origami. You just need to start with simple things like a simple heart or a simple box. Then practice makes perfect. When I started to fold paper about 4 years ago, I knew nothing about origami at all! But I've learned so much through the internet.

You can see my tutorial and try one more time!

Thanks for signing up on my blog! <3

Emi lia said...

Great blog ♥
Please follow me first and let me know if you followed me.
I will follow you back after it.

Noushin K said...

Thanks Emilia! I'm following you now! :)