Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sprinkle Jar | DIY

Hello peeps! If you'd like to recreate this cute jar to store your sprinkles, here's how to!

You'll need a glass jar, lots of nail paint, scissors, some paper, a glue stick, and some tape.

1. Accordion-fold your paper as shown.

2. Draw two hearts (one should be slightly bigger) on the top layer.

3. Cut out the hearts, and you should have as many hearts as the number of the folds you've made.

7 big hearts and 5 small ones should do.

4. Stick the hearts around the neck and the bottom of the jar as shown in the picture.

5. Tape round the jar, above the bottom hears, 

and beneath the upper ones.

6. Paint over the hearts using your favorite nail paint.

7. Draw a little baking mitten and a handkerchief in between the tape lines you had made earlier.

8. Work on the design. I filled in the patterns using an ivory nail paint, and then used a pink color to add some more details.

9. Peal off the tape and the paper hearts once the nail paint is dried.

And your jar should look like this. I also polka-dotted the neck area.

To make my sprinkle jar more into baking, I used this cupcake as the cork/lid. I will make a post on how to make a cupcake like this soon. I had made it out of hot glue last year.

10. Fill your jar with your favorite sprinkles or whatever baking decorations, and you're done! :)


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Ally M.G. said...

This is so cute! Now I just need to find myself a small jar!