Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Card Ideas for Valentine's Day

You need to know knitting basics to knit the little sweater front, a pair of toothpicks, two little round beads (pearls), cardboard, and an envelope. The idea hit my mind last night and I had to make it, even though it was past 1:30 am! :)

Love pills! Well, it's actually candy. I took the original cold tablets out and replaced them with these cute little heart candy. If you ever try this, make sure to wash your hands well after taking the actual pills off. I made this card today, btw.

Origami candy boxes (thinking of filming a video on these).

You can pop some candy inside as a sweet little surprise.

Origami foxies

I gave this to my Valentine in 2012. 

Origami strawberry. Video on how to make these coming soon!

Origami giraffe

I hope everyone will have a lovely V Day.



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Magdalena Kosecka said...

So cool! Probably I told you that already , but I will say it again! You are so talented, and the stuff you create, are very inspirational