Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ms. Button-Head

Throwing it back to 2012 when I was super busy with both school and work. Doodling/illustrating was such a good way to keep myself refreshed, and, surprisingly enough, I can easily say 2012 was the most productive year of my life art-wise! I did countless doodles, paintings, illustrations, crafts, etc. and ideas kept flooding my mind. I even started writing 2 little books, both of which I unfortunately never finished properly!

I named this character I'd created "Ms. Button-Head", and she pretty much represented myself.

God I had so many presentations to prepare in such little time. Graduate school was pretty intense and stressful. (Please don't mind the messy edges, I'd drawn this in a boring class I had to take which had nothing to do with my major! You can't imagine how much I yawned every session I had to attend!)

This one was for a friend's birthday.

Oh boy! I clearly remember that on Wednesdays, I used to leave home at 7 am and return at 10 pm! *tears up*
How do you like my little slippers?

Can you imagine life without your headphones? I seriously can't!

For my beautiful mom on Mother's Day! ♥♥♥

With Mr. Button-Head!!

On Saturdays, I sparkled up our house (still do).

This one was for my cousin's birthday.

Wearing glamorous origami clothes! Ha ha!

Please excuse the bad quality of the pictures; they're just iPhone pics.


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