Monday, December 29, 2014

♥ again!

Disclaimer: You'll scroll down for ages! This is another super long post! Maybe I'll just do these kinds of posts in two parts, from now on, in order to prevent them from getting boring. You'll have to bear with this one for now.

These pictures are from 2011. I'd drawn them for my other half, and then I turned the whole pack  (plus a few other ones I forgot to take pictures of back then) into a small purple booklet for him for Valentine's Day. They're all about simple little things I dreamed us to be able to do together!

SNOW and us! I. can't. even.!! ♥ 

We both love photography! I don't have a flash like that on my camera, though! My camera isn't even pink or his blue, either! Okay, I was only 24 back then, and some of these (or maybe all of them) might seem childish now, but hey it all came from my heart and soul... The only person who knows the amount of love and emotion I'd attached to these has got to be my very own self... :)

We haven't been to the beach together yet, but it's one of the places I really really wish us to go! Major sea-shell freak right here!

Ha, these were meant to be our imaginary Halloween costumes! Me as a tomato, and him as a bar of chocolate! :)

Blowing bubbles, floating on ginormous ones!

"When I dream at night"...

This one is a re-draw of the original one in the booklet. Isn't this frame just cute with that magnet heart to hold the picture?

And this is actually just an Instagram post from Valentine's, 2013.

Wishing you (whoever you are reading this) lots of love in your life, because love is all you need! :)


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